Brucie may quit Strictly, Strictly Brucie may quit

Veteran broadcaster Bruce Forsyth, 81, was said to be “furious” last night, after showdown talks with the BBC resulted in the 81 year old star having to present future editions of the show in his trainers.

Bruce was one of several of the BBC’s best-known names who were given a dressing down by BBC director-general Mark Thompson last night. Other stars whose clothes are likely to be affected include Terry Wogan, Jeremy Clarkson and Graham Norton, although Clarkson is fairly certain to remain unchanged.

In the words of Forsyth himself, it certainly wasn’t a case of “Nice to BBC you, to BBC you, nice”, as the veteran showman reiterated yesterday to a small crowd of assembled journalists on the way into the meeting. “That Thompson can suck my nuts! I’ve been in show-business longer than that idiot’s parents have been alive! I will never work for this channel again!” he ranted as he emerged from Television Centre.

A source, who was at last night’s meeting, told the Daily Mirror: “Mark Thompson made a long speech about the difficult situation the BBC Wardrobe Department was in and read out a lot of figures that not everyone in the audience was intelligent enough to keep up with. He was trying to justify why top names would have to wear clothes from George at Asda.

“It was a grim and slightly confusing speech and many people in the room were visibly uncomfortable. The meeting was thrown into disarray when Forsyth stormed out, and was hastily called off soon after.”

Insiders now fear that the 81-year-old will decide to defect to ITV and end up fronting an incomprehensible two and a half hour vanity project, whilst being given the freedom to wear a full 3-piece suit and proper clean shoes that he can tap-dance in.




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