Eminem gets shitfaced at MTV Awards

Rapper Eminem got absolutely shitfaced at the recent MTV Awards and ended up talking to some arsehole he barely knew. Trouble erupted just afterwards when a bloke dressed as a bird attempted to go down on him. The notoriously homophobic rapper exploded in front of his crew before swearing at his misfortune and making a beeline towards the exit.

The incident threw the MTV Movie awards into chaos with the singer storming out of the theatre after finally freeing himself from beneath the guy dressed up like a bird.

Em, 36, was chilling with his homies at the awards and discussing the possibility of scoring some “good shit” during the show. He was also overheard making several references to crack and the hope of not receiving a “bum rush”, whatever that is.

A brief scuffle ensued as minders tried to drag the bird off the rapper who then swore and stood up before staggering off. He was later overheard backstage saying how he “hated this fucking show” before throwing a glass of water over a member of staff who was attempting to calm him down.

High School Musical’s Zac Efron said “That was WAY cool! Em just didn’t know where to look – his whole world plunged into darkness. Guess for a moment there he really DID see something slim and shady…..”



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