Lorry’s Boris crash near-miss

Dramatic footage has emerged of a lorry’s Boris Johnson crash near-miss.

The London mayor was on a cycling jolly in Limehouse, east London, when he crashed into a parked car, missing the lorry by a few feet.

A CCTV camera on a nearby building captured the moment Johnson’s hair flew open as he crossed the road, hit a parked car and pulled it into the road.

Transport Commissioner Peter Hendy, transport adviser Kulveer Ranger and a group of other cyclists were only a few feet away, sighing and rolling their eyes.

Speaking at the launch of a £115 million “cycle revolution” for London, Mr Johnson said the other cyclists met the incident with “remarkable sang-froid, whatever the bloody hell that is”.

He said: “I did end up causing a rather loud crash and there was a bit of debris caused by the car catapulting through the party after it got caught up on my jacket

“It was obvious from the noise that something had gone wrong and when I stopped and turned I could see the debris. By that time it was too late – the car was toast.”

Metropolitan Police officers interviewed the terrified driver of the lorry, who said “The man is a buffoon – how on earth can we trust him as Mayor if he can’t even cross a damn road without catching a car in the lining of his pockets and dragging the blasted thing into the road? He needs to get a bloody haircut and watch where he’s going in future.”

Johnson has been warned for walking without due care and attention and keeping his hair in a dangerous condition.



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