Paul McCartney In Non-Story

Politics today hit a new low after the revelations surrounding MP’s expenses, as  Sir Paul McCartney  has sensationally revealed that he refused to vote in the recent European elections.

The shocking revelation that the former Beatles member refused to vote as a point of protest has caused a public outcry, leading to several MPs handing in their resignations and Brown’s leadership skills being thrown into doubt.

He told The Independent newspaper, “After a lot of soul-searching and several sleepless nights I decided not to vote in the last election. All that expenses rubbish has made me disillusioned with British politics. Before that it was fine – I had complete confidence in all politicians and had no reason to doubt anything that they said or did. I decided that I wouldn’t feel comfortable using my vote to get any of them in power. All of them seem to be up for ripping off expenses and making themselves as powerful as possible and I don’t want a part of that. Plus where I live, it’s always the bloody Tories that get in anyway.”

And John Lennon’s wing-man is adamant he would never consider running for office himself: “I couldn’t do it. I’m comfortable enough slagging off those who do, but you wouldn’t catch me within a thousand miles of anything remotely political, man. But if someone asked me to be, say, a music tsar, I’d come back with this line: ‘I’m a STAR already, what are you talking about?’ – I thought of that one myself.”




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