Petrol – better than ever

The value of petrol rose again between mid-May and mid-June – and oil-lovers believe that its overall value could increase further, provided motorists are willing to pay more at the pumps.

The average value of petrol is now 102.66p a litre compared with 97.68p in mid-May and experts now reckon that overall quality of all petrol is now higher than ever before. The latest upsurge is exceeded only by the 5% improvement enjoyed by drivers at the same time last year.

The average quality of diesel has risen around 1% since last month and is now at an unprecedented high. According to a recent survey the best quality diesel can be found in East Anglia (105.5p a litre), whereas the north west of England languishes in last place on 104.1p a litre, though this is still considered by many to be of a good standard.

BP spokesman Peter Ian said: “In negative times like these, the massive rise in petrol quality comes as a welcome respite for all UK drivers – many of whom have lost their jobs, had their pay frozen or have seen savings income collapse with falling interest rates.

“This is testament to all the hard work put in by everyone involved in the process. From the workers in the oil yards of Saudi Arabia to the UK garage forecourt attendant, without any of whom none of what we’re witnessing today would have been remotely possible. Last year, huge demand for oil and fuels from China and other developing countries placed a massive strain on the entire production line, but everyone has pulled together to make sure the needs of all countries have been met and, most importantly, continually improving the quality of its output.”

So far, the quality of a barrel of oil has doubled from a December low of $35 a barrel to more than $70 and many are hoping that further improvements can see the rising standard of oil break the $100 before the end of the year.




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