Charlotte Church’s name linked to drugs via a badly written news article

Pop singer Charlotte Church’s name has been linked to the supply of class A drugs by being involved in a poorly-written news article detailing the arrest of her former boyfriend on suspicion of supplying heroin, despite the singer having had no contact with him for years.

The article, believed to be of the tabloid variety, sensationally used bold typeface whenever mentioning Charlotte Church’s name or that of any class A drugs, such as heroin, crack cocaine, ecstacy, methamphetamine and ketamine. It also cleverly implied, through a historical relationship between the two, a secondary link between the good name of Charlotte Church and that of the seedy underworld of class A drugs.

The article then went further by explaining how Scotland Yard had said Kyle Johnson, ex-boyfriend of Charlotte Church, was being held in custody after attending an East London police station by appointment. It persisted with its’ frankly weak story by concluding with how the 24-year-old ex-partner of Charlotte Church has been on the run since January after police found high-grade heroin worth £10 million at a house in Forest Gate, east London.

The last paragraph of the visibly tired tabloid story limped to its’ pathetic close by mentioning a quote from a spokesperson for Charlotte Church, who stated: “Charlotte Church has no involvement with this case whatsoever and wishes to go on record by saying that has never taken, and has no interest in drugs whatsoever.”


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