Celebrities jump on Wimbledon bandwagon

A host of celebrities have been pretending to care about Wimbledon in order to increase their exposure, as Andy Murray prepares to take on Andy Roddick in the semi-finals.

At the premiere of her new film The Proposal, Sandra Bullock said: “I’m absolutely glued to the Wimbledon at the moment. The Wimbledon’s fantastic. I never miss the Wimbledon every time I’m in England. Go USA!!!”

TV host Jenni Falconer also provided some much-needed insight, saying: “I’m so excited for him [Murray]. I really hope he does well. Not only would it be fantastic to have British representation in the final but it would be wonderful for Scotland too.”

Eastenders actress Charlie Brooks, who plays Janine Butcher in the long-running soap, has also been enjoying the delights of the tournament so far: “It’s been the best championships so far. I love how they’ve got a roof on the centre court now, though they haven’t needed to use it yet as the weather’s been absolutely fantastic.”

All Star Mr. & Mrs. and Dancing On Ice host Phillip Schofield has also been closely following the Wimbledon fortnight: “I used to love watching Greg Rusedski and Tim Henman, but Andy Murray has been something else this last two weeks. I don’t think there’s anyone who can stop him becoming our first Wimbledon men’s champion for 73 years.”

This year’s Wimbledon Championships have captured the imagination of many celebrities – and it’s easy to see why: “The Wimbledon bandwagon has always been my favourite one to jump on”, reveals Dermot O’Leary, “It’s so easy to find something vacuous, yet vaguely patriotic and supportive to say with regard to it, even if the Brits get knocked out in the first week. And when they’re doing well it’s even easier, as you can wax lyrical about how great they’ve looked coming into the tournament and how you’ve always rated them. Then you can fill in a bit by making up something about how great/bad the weather has been and what effect that might have had and round it off with something really gung-ho like ‘This is definitely Henman/Rusedski/Murray’s time, I can feel it!’.

“This year we’ve had it on a plate – the weather’s been incredible and the centre court’s got a new roof. Just those facts alone can bolster a celebrity quote quite nicely, and in the hands of a tabloid newspaper or an internet search engine’s news section they can be spun into at least a page of ‘content’ – and yes, there is a sub-text to that last line.”, he added.

He concluded his rent-a-quote by saying: “I’m going to be watching the final on the plasma screen with a few of my mates. We’ll be having some drinks and cheering Andy Murray all the way – go Andy!”


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