Vernon Kay achieves degree… showbiz

Multi-talented TV presenter and radio host Vernon Kay has finally completed his honorary degree in showbiz, despite numerous media commitments spanning more than 10 years.

The hardworking 34-year-old star revealed: “When I was a kid I decided I wanted to be a male model, so I worked tirelessly to cultivate great teeth and grow to a height of 6’4”. I knew it would be a tough and competitive environment so I made damn sure I became good-looking too.”

It was this decision that set a solid foundation from which the working class boy from Bolton could achieve his showbusiness dreams: “I’d always dreamt of working on TV, then one day I woke up and I was right there – on TV! Then I thought ‘this is pretty good, but what would be really fantastic would be to have my own radio show on a big national station like Radio 1’, then the next week I was asked to do Saturday mornings on Radio 1 – coincidence or what? A few months after that I started thinking ‘I really fancy that Tess Daly, she’s awesome, I wonder if she’d marry me’, and then she did! Result!” he revealed in a recent interview.

Kay will do his home town of Bolton proud once again as he dons a cap and gown at the town’s university alongside Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley from punk band The Buzzcocks. His degree marks the latest in a long line of achievements for the brown-haired northern star – but where does he go from here?

“I’d always wanted a degree, as it was the one of the few things I had still yet to achieve. I saw a few graduates on TV a few years back and I thought to myself ‘I want some of that’, so I just decided to go for it. Time was always going to be an issue due to my work commitments, but my lecturer has been really fantastic about it and has just allowed me to work at my own pace”, he said after receiving his degree.

“What next? Well, I was thinking about starting up my own production company, as I thought it looked quite do-able and I should be able to turn my hand to it fairly easily. Plus it means I can make shows I like come on the telly. Wa-hay!”


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