Shock as US music industry is accused of shortchanging fans

The US music industry is a tired, unimaginative and cynical money-making machine that is increasingly out of touch with its’ fans, according to East Anglian nightclub owner Peter Ian, who experienced the bitter disappointment of booking the artist Ne-Yo to perform last week.

The Grammy winner was expected to perform a five-song acoustic set live, then meet guests at a Norwich nightclub on Sunday night – but the club’s website reported that he turned up 2 hours late with a massive entourage, didn’t speak a word to anyone for the 10 minutes he was there and left immediately after miming to recent hit “Closer”.

“He really changed my view of giant, corporate American pop acts”, said Mr. Ian yesterday. “I was always a big fan of the likes of Nickelback, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake because they shifted a lot of units and it was always good product. I really liked how their A&R people always seemed to know exactly how to tailor their output to the target market, thereby maximizing their total sales revenue.

“But now the sound business sense and corporate strategy of the US music industry has directly affected my profits and that’s just not on. Ne-Yo was supposed to be here for an hour, but he left after a few minutes. He wore sunglasses the whole time, even though it was an indoor venue, and he insisted on wearing a huge leather trenchcoat and a hat despite it being the middle of summer. I’ve lost a lot of money due to refunds and have had countless complaints from customers saying that they were either pushed aside by his entourage or that he refused to acknowledge them at all.”

Mr. Ian has vowed that in future he will primarily book lower-budget British chart acts, such as X-Factor runner-up Chico and all-girl group The Saturdays: “American acts are far too expensive in the current climate, as you tend to have to pay towards their flights and their numerous staff. With an act like Chico you usually just pay a flat fee of around £200 which includes their taxi fare. It makes a lot more sense financially, plus a lot of them are quite grateful for the work.”

The US music industry last night declined to comment on the incident.


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