Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

Hello. I’m Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den and this is my new monthly column in which I use my financial expertise to offer useful advice on the day-to-day money worries we all suffer from, apart from me. Here are my top 5 money-saving tips that someone else has written on my behalf this month:

1) Have you noticed your weekly shopping bill increasing recently? This is unfortunately down to groceries becoming more expensive. A good way to combat this is to buy less items than you would normally, thus saving valuable £££s.

2) With the rising cost of petrol, a good way to avoid paying more money is to use your car less. Try walking to places instead of driving – it’s a fun way for the whole family to get exercise and save money.

3) Don’t be afraid to ask for more overtime at work. It’s a good way to make extra money and it also shows the boss that you’re keen. Plus it gives you less opportunity to spend money.

4) Don’t spend a fortune on wine at the pub. Buy it from the supermarket and drink it at home. Another handy hint is to save money washing up wine glasses by drinking directly from the bottle.

5) A home-made birthday or anniversary card is a great way of sending a personalized greeting. It’s fun to do and a good way to save the pennies.

Towards the end of the column I normally run out of ideas. A good way my ghost writer finds of combatting this is to make up some twaddle about how the recession isn’t such a bad thing, especially if you’re rich like me.

My solution to the problem of recession is simple. Since the recession is down to banks no longer lending to one another, the best way to solve this is for the banks to start lending to each other again. So come on, banks, pull your fingers out and start lending money again.

I normally round off the column by pretending that I experience the same sort of domestic financial concerns as you, usually by virtue of a made-up story revolving around a slight money-related blip in my otherwise wonderful home life. Though everyone knows full well I can solve any problem by chucking cash at it, I still attempt to use the story to dispense a small nugget of financial wisdom designed to resonate in some way with the lives of ordinary people.

This month we’ve been redecorating the upstairs of our outhouse. On the whole it’s been great fun and everyone in our family has mucked in to help. The only problem we had was when my wife Tara and I couldn’t agree on a colour to paint the granite wall surrounding the open fireplace. In the end we solved our disagreement by not painting it at all and instead making a feature out of the wonderful original stonework, and thus saving considerable expenditure.

Well, that’s another column out the way for a month. Phew! Remember not to spend so much money and to keep putting aside the odd bit of small change – you’ll be surprised how it builds up over time.

Til next month…



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