Gerrard’s reaction ‘understandable’ – QC

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s violent reaction to being politely asked not to commandeer the CD player in a Liverpool bar was “understandable, and perfectly acceptable under Football Law”, a court heard on Tuesday.

“Football Law is slightly different to the law you and I have to follow”, said court spokesman Peter Ian today. “Football Law takes into account mitigating factors such as amount of earnings and the level of the club you play for – for instance, speeding and drink-driving are OK, so long as you play for a Premier League club. You might be able to get off if you play for a Championship side that has recently been relegated from the top flight, but it’s not so easy because the Football Court will take into account the drop in earnings once the case goes to trial.”

According to Mr. Ian, the Gerrard case should never have gone to trial under Football Law: “Football Law is very clear when it comes to violent assault on members of the public involving Premier League players. It states that any attack is ‘reasonable force’ as long as there is deemed to be provocation, however minor. In this case Steven Gerrard was quite clearly provoked because the victim refused to let him play his favourite R&B tracks on the bar’s CD player. Even if that is doubtful in terms of provocation, the fact that he then physically threatened Mr. Gerrard by withholding the CD player activation card is conclusive as far as I’m concerned.

“Steven then quite reasonably warned him off with a few upper cuts, just to protect himself more than anything. Football Law defines this as ‘self-defence’, so it’s hard to see why this has gone to trial. The worst that should happen to him is that he should have to pose for a few photos in a children’s hospital for an hour or so. The Football Court does hand out these kind of sentences from time to time – it’s the football equivalent to what you and I call community service.”

The trial continues today.


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