Your Letters

We love receiving your letters on current issues – then rewriting them in order to make them sound reactionary and vitriolic.

So, the government plans to spend £1.1bn of public money on the electrification of Britain’s railways? Maybe they should think about making them run on time first!

Peter, Lincs.

It’s about time OfWat stopped water companies from being so greedy. It’s a wonder they don’t get swine flu with their snouts so far in the trough!


Steven Gerrard makes me sick to the anus. Just because he’s a well-paid Premier League footballer he thinks it gives him the right to do whatever he wants. To call this man a human being is insulting to the human race. He is scum, pure and simple. They should lock him up and throw away the key.

Gary, Manchester.

Gordon Brown is nothing but a liar when he says there are enough helicopters in Afghanistan. What rubbish. He doesn’t have the first idea about the requirements of British troops. Maybe a spell on the front line will shake him into action, or at least kill the bastard.

Marie, Hants.

Chris Brown doesn’t fool me for a second. He may have apologized publicly about what he did to Rihanna, but he’s going to have to do a lot more than that if he’s to earn forgiveness from the readership of this newspaper. He should be given a damn good kicking in my opinion.

Nigel, Isle Of Man.

Amy Winehouse disgusts me, assaulting an innocent member of the public at a charity ball. Who does this tramp think she is? And what sort of example does this set to her legions of young fans? They should bring back the rope.

Tina, N.Yorks.

I for one hope that New Labour take a pasting in the upcoming Norwich by-election. Their smug complacency in the face of the expenses scandal is nothing short of sickening. I can’t stand the sight of Brown and his cronies any longer and I hope that next year’s general election heralds the dawn of a new Conservative government with Cameron at the helm. At least he’s an honest, articulate politician, unlike the lying filth in the Labour party.

Alf, Thetford.

So, apparently Bin Laden’s son has reportedly been killed. I hope that piece of scum suffered every second. Let him rot in hell!

Davey, W.London.

Your txt msgs

By using no vowels you can disguise your prejudices enough for us not to notice…

i tink swn flu is bllx – get bck 2 wrk u skivin cnts, woop woop! tim x

gerrard inncnt shd be made a hero in my bk! tht prck woz askin fr it! mad andy

jude lw wmn hittin pnce shd go 10 rnds wiv me id knk him dwn in 5 secs!!!!! emma

ndeavor astrnts cudnt park a fckin car – get ths cnts outta spc n let me go up thr nsted!! iam de fckn bossman! adam

hp pig flu klls ldz of ppl spclly amercanz, hate da yanks!!! tadger

i dnt hev n e opionz – tony

camern iz a cck scker, he shd fck off da fckn greasy cnt!!! phil


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