Peter Andre’s new album better than ever – Peter Andre

Singer Peter Andre has hit back at claims that his new album destroyed his marriage by insisting that it’s now better than ever.

The quality of the yet-to-be-released, untitled album has grown in inverse proportion to the regard in which he is held, both by the public and his estranged wife. At one point relations between the two were so hostile that its’ standard briefly eclipsed that of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, though it is now thought to be settled around the level of Sargent Pepper and Brothers In Arms.

“The quality of the new album is up there with the likes of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac – it’s a great pop album. In fact I’d go as far as to say that it’s gonna be the album that Millenium by the Backstreet Boys should have been,” said Peter Andre yesterday. “And reports suggesting otherwise are totally hurtful and false.”, he added.

The Insania singer’s response comes just days after his estranged wife’s appearance on breakfast show GMTV, where she claimed that the album was “nothing special” and “not up to the standard of his previous work”. She also went on to criticize “the use of slick, American producers to cover up the lack of good songwriting”, though the singer defended the use of expensive US production, saying: “She was the one saying how great it was last year and that the quality of the songs merited the high production costs. In fact last September, when I’d finished three of the tracks she told me they were as good as anything on Thriller, if not better.

“Basically, I’m like a thinking-man’s Ne-Yo. That’s the market I’m looking for – people who like great, mature pop music. In fact, the way things are at the moment, I don’t think this album can get any better.”, he concluded.


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