Your Money – with Peter Jones

TV’s famous Dragon whores out his name to badly-written Sky Magazine column every month

Greetings from the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, considered by many to be the world’s first and only 7-star hotel. I’m here on a well-earned break with the family for the next fortnight – then it’s off to the Maldives for another three weeks to relax in the wonderful sunshine and enjoy the incredible golden beaches!

Although I’m on a family break I still like to keep in constant touch with my business portfolio, and there’s no better way to do this than with a Blackberry™. I’m never without my Blackberry™ and I think it’s important for everybody to have one, even if they don’t own several companies like I do. I recommend buying one on the O2 Network, as it’s never let me down yet and prices are competitive.

In fact, for the purposes of this article, I am actually writing this right now on my Blackberry™. I threw down a few rough ideas on a napkin at the hotel’s fantastic restaurant last night then fired off an email to my ghost writer using my trusty Blackberry™, which is just as quick as using conventional email and so much more convenient when you’re constantly on the move like I am.

Now the holidays are here, it’s great for families to enjoy the sunshine, and we’re certainly loving the sunshine here in Dubai – it’s incredible! But take care when outdoors to always use high factor suntan lotion and to re-apply it regularly. My ghost writer has scoured the web in order to find the 5 cheapest brands of suntan lotion, so that you can cover up AND save pennies:

Zap! Power tan – Sun Tan Maximizer & Sun Bed Tanning Lotion – £6.89

Sun Piz Buin Tan Intense Lotion Spf 15 150ml – £12.45

Sun Fake Bake Tan Enhancing Lotion 170ml – £10.63

Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion SPF25 200ml – £8.99

Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF20 200ml – £10.99

All the above brands of tanning lotion are factor 15 or above and conform to EU regulations. As well as providing great protection for even the palest of skin, they also serve as a useful filler for monetary advice columns that are scratching around for ideas, especially when their “author” is on holiday.

A good way to make the most of the summer weather without spending too much is not to travel out of the country. Britain has several good beaches which aren’t too far away, with facilities for young and old. You can have a fun day out in the sunshine with the family for next to nothing – plus you don’t have to panic about finding your passport!

Next month I’ll be writing this column whilst relaxing on one of the many warm, golden beaches of the Maldives – with the Blackberry™ of course!

Enjoy the summer,



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