News media to run showbiz articles based on facts?

Certain sections of the news media may begin to write stories on entertainment celebrities based on actual proper facts, it was speculated today.

Sources close to the media have been buzzing with rumours surrounding the state of showbiz news articles for months and it is thought that there may well be changes in the way such articles are written, though nothing as yet has been confirmed.

A spokesman for the Yahoo! News Entertainment section, Peter Ian, said yesterday: “This story has been doing the rounds for a while and we’re not entirely sure from where it originated. Showbiz journalism often involves making a seemingly wild speculation about a figure in the public eye in order to pull people in, then trying to fashion anything you know about them off the top of your head into supporting evidence for the headline. You can [always]…bolster [it] a bit by paraphrasing [a quote from] a source…close…to the celebrity.

“A change to such a successful formula would upset a lot of people in the industry and a lot of us are understandably worried by this, though at the moment none of us know for sure what is actually going to happen. As far as we’re aware we’re still supposed to be writing 200-300 word pieces based on nothing other than fabrication and conjecture.”

The entertainment division of the news media fuelled further speculation by releasing a statement saying that it had “no plans to change the style of showbiz writing at present”, though it “may well consider” doing so “sometime in the future.”

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