Hammond cheats death once again

Top Gear star Richard Hammond has once again cheated death after swerving his Ford Focus into a hedge whilst trying to avoid a Nissan Almera on a mini roundabout in Gloucester yesterday.

A witness to the incident, local resident Peter Ian, said: “I saw a mauve Ford Focus approaching the mini roundabout and as it got closer I could just make out ‘The Hamster’ through the windscreen. Once I recognized him I waved, but he didn’t see me, so I started doing some star-jumps to try and get his attention. He looked quite perplexed and did a bit of a sneer at me, then the next thing you know he had to swerve out the way of an oncoming car. There was a bit of a screech of brakes and his car ended up in a hedge. There were leaves everywhere. Luckily no-one was hurt.”

A spokesman for Gloucestershire police said: “A collision occurred between a Ford Focus and a hedge. It was a ‘damage only’ incident and no action was required from officers.”

He went on to add: “We can neither confirm nor deny that Richard Hammond was involved. He may well have been there, but then again he may not. He may even have been the driver of the other car or he may have been asleep in the hedge. He might well have been dressed up as a police officer in one of our squad cars or I might actually be him myself. I think that’s all the bases covered. Hopefully that should throw you off the scent a bit.”

The damage to Hammond’s Ford Focus was said to be “superficial”.


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