Peter Andre ‘To Reach 15-Year High’

The pop star Peter Andre has today been predicted to reach a 15-year high according to figures due to be released later this week.

Despite recent signs that the British music industry may have weathered its worst phase since 1993, Peter Andre traditionally lags behind – and there are signs of more misery on the horizon.

The three months to May saw the Insania singer’s total unit sales rise by 281,000 to 2.38 million and industry experts are braced for figures to show a similar scale of increase in the quarter to June, the period involving his subsequent break-up and tabloid war of words with estranged wife Katie Price.

It is predicted that his combined sales will comfortably surpass the 3 million mark next year, with some pundits even predicting figures as high as 4 million. This would be far worse than Rick Astley’s 1987 peak under Margaret Thatcher.

Industry expert Peter Ian yesterday said: “There has been a worrying rise in Peter Andre’s stock which dates back to the last quarter of 2008, around the same time the cracks started to appear in their marriage. Before then his total sales were just above 1 million and hadn’t really increased over the 5 or 6 years before that. During the recording of the Katie And Peter: Stateside, industry figures showed a rise of half a million in those 3 months alone. Since the series aired, and after the subsequent fallout, his unit sales swelled to over 2 million. There’s the very real possibility at this rate of his total sales figures reaching 4 million before Christmas.”


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