Fans “may be surprised” by article containing no facts on new Lemar album

The singer Lemar, who shot to fame on BBC1’s now-defunct Fame Academy, has hinted to fans that his next album “may contain a few surprises”.

The as yet untitled album, due for release later this year, is thought to mark a surprising departure from the typical Lemar sound, though sources insist it shouldn’t alienate his existing fanbase. The RnB star was cryptic about exactly how his musical direction had changed, but insisted fans “keep the[ir] eyes peeled” for the “surprising” new release.

It is thought that the producer on the new record may be the same as on his previous album, though sources close to the singer suggest it may be someone different: “He’ll probably change producer on the new album, as many artists do this in order to keep the sound fresh. Then again he may decide to change the musical direction but retain the same production team as before, thereby keeping a feeling of continuity whilst exploring a new musical soundscape.” said one source.

With regard to potential collaborators, the source added: “Lemar’s a great vocalist so he’ll be keen to put his stamp on the songs that have been written, but then again he may decide to collaborate with other artists in order to expand his existing fanbase. It’s a good way of achieving a crossover between musical styles and often proves successful for both artists involved.”

It has also been suggested the singer may decide to record some of the tracks from his new album in LA in order to create a different feel to the overall record: “He’s probably toying with such an idea, as different locations often aid the recording process because they add another dimension to the finished sound. He probably won’t discard the other option, of course, which is to record the entire album in the same location in order to keep a more cohesive feel to the overall project.”, said another source.

Whatever happens, Lemar’s popularity continues to grow and his eagerly-awaited new album is tipped to do extremely well. The album is due to be finished sometime later this summer and should be available later this year or sometime in early 2010.


One Response to “Fans “may be surprised” by article containing no facts on new Lemar album”

  1. dleighmiad Says:

    Article didn’t address if Lemar’s new album cover will portray him looking wistfully AT the camera or wistfully AWAY from the camera. 😉

    Really enjoying your blog, keep it up NewsBag!

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