Noel Gallagher sounds pipes of doom for Oasis

The lead singer of 90s rock group Oasis, Noel Gallagher, has sensationally abandoned their latest project due to his brother’s insistence on using Uilleann pipes on several tracks for the new album.

Liam Gallagher, the group’s tambourine player, is fiercely proud of his Irish heritage and wanted to include the pipes as a tribute to his family’s country of origin. Sources close to the band, which had a number one hit in 1995 with Wonderwall, say that the break-up of the Liverpudlian rockers was inevitable.

Tim Minns, a former music journalist, said yesterday: “Knowing them both as I do, I saw this coming years before everyone else. I think they just wanted different things from the band and I think the pressure of living up to the first album really began to tell. Liam wanted to try new things all the time, but Noel just wanted to write simple pop melodies. Noel found Liam’s presence in the studio annoying and distracting, as he often shouldered most of the musical workload. Liam would be buzzing around like a hyperactive child with all these crazy ideas, and he always meant well, but Noel just wanted to get things done. Things got difficult back in 2000 when Liam wanted to use Gregorian chanting in the background to one of the album tracks. Noel almost walked out back then, but decided against it as he’d just bought a new house.”

Noel Gallagher yesterday released a statement explaining his departure from the band: “It is with some sadness that I have today decided to part company from Oasis. I have always given 100% commitment and enthusiasm to furthering the group’s success but have recently become disillusioned with the imbalance of the workload and with certain decisions taken with regard to the band’s overall musical direction. I still retain a great passion for music and I have no wish to cast aspersions on any particular band member, past or present, suffice to say that the quality of our association has deteriorated to the point where it has now become both frustrating and intolerable. I feel I have no option but to leave Oasis and I wish the remaining band members well in all future projects, both individually and collectively.”

Liam Gallagher, speaking today from his Hertfordshire home, revealed that the band would carry on, despite the setback of losing its’ chief songwriter and best musician: “I’m honestly quite sad that it has come to this. The band has always prided itself on its’ good communication and strong work ethic and I am extremely proud of its’ achievements. I still feel we have yet to achieve our full potential, so for that reason I have decided it best to keep the band intact and to continue with the recording of our upcoming album. We may decide to augment our sound with the addition of a session musician, certainly for our upcoming live shows, but in the studio I believe we have a good enough calibre of personnel to complete the recording without any need for additional staff at this moment in time. I regret that the situation with Noel has forced him to make this decision and I’m not alone in saying that there will always be a place for him in Oasis, should he wish to change his mind at any point in the future.”


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