Madonna creates Bulgarian whine

A drunken rampage involving the singer Madonna and several members of her entourage has left the Vasil Levski national football stadium in a state of disrepair, just days before Bulgaria’s crucial qualifying fixture against Montenegro is due to take place at the venue.

It is believed that the party had been drinking locally all afternoon and that one member suggested a kickabout on the pitch. Eyewitnesses saw several people, including Madonna, scale the 5-foot concrete wall outside the pitch before stumbling over the advertising hoardings on to the turf. One observer even saw someone scale the 15-foot climb onto the roof of the main stand and causing over £20 worth of damage to the corrugated iron covering.

The debauchery lasted for several hours until the singer passed out near the centre of the pitch at around 11pm local time.

“It’s a bloody disgrace, and will cause massive disappointment to the fans who pay good money to see Bulgaria play. Those fans deserve to see the national pitch in a reasonable state and at the moment it’s far from that. It looks as if animals have been grazing on it, to be honest with you. They ought to pay to have the whole turf re-laid, or at least provide an alternative venue.” Bulgaria’s sporting director Nasko Sirakov said yesterday. “Who does she bloody think she is anyway? Maradona? – see what I did there?” he added.

Bulgaria coach Stanimir Stoilov also blamed Madonna and her tour party for the desecration of the pitch just a week before such important match: “At the end of the day these people have no idea about the game of football and had no business going on the pitch. God knows where the caretaker was during all of this – he should’ve turfed them out.” Stoilov told reporters.

“When all’s said and done the lads will be bitterly disappointed. They’ve been looking forward to the Montenegro game for weeks. They’ll be gutted if the fixture doesn’t go ahead.” he said.

Bulgaria need 3 points from their game against Montenegro to stay 3rd behind Ireland in Group 8. Italy currently top the group on 14 points.


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