Advertisers More Th>n happy with product placement U-turn

The government has today given programme makers the Orange light to allow the use of product placement in “certain circumstances”.

The move will open up Virgin territory for advertisers across the board and will provide a much needed source of revenue for struggling independent companies, such as ITV and Channel 4.

A spokesman for Mediawatch-UK, Peter Ian, is cautiously optimistic about the development: “I’m lovin’ it overall, but one Asda be careful what sort of things slip through the net. Anything that speCIFically promotes boO2e, for example, is a definite no-no. There should certainly be embArgos on both alcohol and tobacco, but otherwise I’m Abbey with the idea and I think it’s the Rightmove by the government, although it does have its UPS and downs.”

Richard Lindley, chairman of the Voice of the Listener and Viewer (VLV), said: “Ibuleve that product placement destroys the trust of viewers in the programmes they are watching. I know it gives smaller programme makers more financial nPower-ment, but I Canestan-d the influence advertisers have over television shows. Fairy-nough they want to make more money, but at what cost to the viewer? I think everyone Kandoo without it, to be honest.”

Tony Mick, a viewer from Dagenham, thinks the initiative will have little effect on the viewing public: “There’ll Comet-ime when USwitch on the telly and everything will just be one big advert for something or other. Any opposition to this idea is just a Flash in a pan as far as I’m concerned and will most likely Vanish within a few months – by which time no-one will Carex.”

Product placement is due to take place Nationwide by the end of the month.


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