Celebrities to record awareness song

Bob Geldof and Duran Duran are among 55 celebrities planning to release a cover version of Midnight Oil’s hit song Beds Are Burning – in a bid to raise levels of public awareness.

Geldof said yesterday: “People need to be aware just how long it’s been since the last time they were made to be fully aware. It’s time for the public to get their heads out of their arses and start facing a few uncomfortable truths. This song is designed to make people feel uneasy and if the fact that it’s difficult to listen to upsets people, then good. I hope people are upset by it. I hope this record is the hardest thing anyone has ever had to endure and that its’ very existence forces the public to look deep within themselves and become more fully aware.”

Other artists who will feature on the recording include Sting, the Dalai Lama, Bono, someone who used to be in the Human League, Martin Fry, Phil Collins, Tony Hadley, Annie Lennox, heavy metal band The Scorpions and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The track is also thought to sample a vocal laid down in the studio by Mother Teresa shortly before her death.

Peter Ian, who worked at the recording studio, echoes Geldof’s sentiment: “This was a really difficult track to produce and everyone dug deep throughout the recording – whenever they could spare the time to, at least. I remember how everyone gathered in the studio fell into stunned silence when we played back the finished song. There was a melancholy air about the place after it finished and several seconds passed before anyone spoke. It was a profound moment of contemplation all round and I think many people who featured on that recording were far more aware at that point than they were at the beginning.”

The track can be downloaded for free when it is released on 1 October and it’s hoped it will put pressure on world leaders to become more aware and to acknowledge the world’s heightened awareness at a UN conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in December – at which point the public’s awareness will slowly subside to more comfortable levels.


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