Stereophonics’ innovative new album to feature no songs

Groundbreaking Welsh rockers Stereophonics have today revealed that although their new LP features recordings of instruments and singing, there will be no actual songs on the album at all.

The band have been trialling the concept over most of their previous albums, but have never before produced an album entirely free of songs. It is thought that this is the first known instance of such an album being produced, and the achievement represents a major milestone in the band’s career to date.

“We’re very excited by this project,” reveals singer Kelly Jones. “It’s something we have striven towards for many years. Producing tracks without writing songs is a difficult art and one which took us many years to fully master. It takes a lot of skill to engineer tracks in this way and the process can often be completely ruined by too many ideas.

“When we first started out we found it quite easy to produce an album with songs on it, no problem whatsoever. But at that time Oasis had just released ‘Be Here Now’, which intrigued us because although it had 12 tracks listed on the back, there were only 2 actual songs in the whole 70 minutes. We couldn’t believe how they’d managed it and we were honestly quite envious as that album had certainly raised the bar. A couple of years later, we decided to start experimenting in the studio a bit and found that, by using similar techniques to those on the Oasis album, we could make an album which had a 40% song content.”

The band were initially pleased with this result, and the method became a revolutionary new way for many guitar groups of the time to make the same financial returns as they did previously without having to produce as many actual songs. Stereophonics decided to explore this avenue even further over the next 10 years, with the hard work eventually bearing fruit in the form of their groundbreaking new release.

“We found that if we produced instrumental sounds and vocals which were similar to the content of the first album, but without too many catchy riffs or choruses, we could make a record which essentially bears the hallmark of the traditional Stereophonics sound, without the need for producing any songs. On our new album, not only are there no songs, there are no hidden songs either – which means the listener can scan through 18 minutes of silence after the last track to find another track after that which is still not a song. Songwriting is an unnecessary task which can swallow up hours of valuable studio time and it has become something of a redundant recording technique in recent years. If you look at most of the bands around today, none of them are writing songs anymore – I’d like to think that we had at least a partial influence in that.” added the vocalist.

‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ is due to be released on November 16th.


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