Media decides on Conservative government

The British media has today decided that a Conservative government is best suited to the needs of British people after the next General Election, which is due to take place in May 2010.

The decision comes after lengthy talks between several senior figures involved in British tabloid newspapers culminated in the unanimous decision to install a Conservative government at the next election.

Columnist Of The Year Tim Minns said the decision was based entirely on the public’s opinion: “With a decision of this magnitude you have to be sure to correctly gauge the opinion of the general public, and, after speaking to several other journalists, we found that in our opinion the current government was out of touch and lacking in direction. In the media, journalists such as myself have a duty to pass on our concerns to our public, who are then able to make an informed choice based the quality of our information.”

Columnist Of The Year Tony Mick agrees about the difficulty of the decision: “The best way for a journalist to gain insight into public opinion is to read their own recent work. Normally this is easy to do, but in this case there were many different media figures, all with slightly varying viewpoints, involved in making the decision – hence why it took a long time. In the end we managed to find a compromise which accommodated everyone’s core values of journalistic integrity and one which maintained a good public profile all round.”

There is now a growing belief throughout the media that Conservative leader David Cameron is a politician of a high calibre who is well equipped to lead the country out of recession. Columnist Of The Year Peter Ian says: “I think we, as journalists, have all had enough of the current government and David has been a welcome breath of fresh air in political circles. He represents the values of the British media perfectly and I think everyone in the business respects his honesty. Honesty is paramount in both politics and journalism and it was this alignment in thinking which led to our decision to make him Britain’s new Prime Minister come the next election.”

Journalists have for many years played a crucial and often unsung role in assisting public thinking and their endorsement of a Conservative government represents a major victory for its leader David Cameron: “This decision is proof that our party is prepared not only to listen to the concerns of the British media – but to also promise to act upon them. I speak to journalists every day and time and time again they tell me the same things – that they want honesty with regard to cuts in public spending, tougher penalties for antisocial behaviour and sustainable economic recovery. This government have suffered because they have lost touch with the media and ignored their concerns for too long. The Conservatives are a party who respect the media and we fully intend to value the views of every British journalist regardless of their background.”


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