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Radio 1’s hottest new talent shares nothing of any interest from forgettable British towns


Greetings, you lovely people. Just got back from the lovely town of Chatteris yesterday where the weather was amazing. The sky was so clear that I managed to get this cracking shot of the moon, which I have to say I’m rather pleased with:


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I also took a picture of a bench but the boss won’t let me use it because it had a rather rude piece of graffiti drawn on it.

Eventually got to campus which was 18 miles down the road from the Premier Inn and it was literally heaving. You literally couldn’t move in there as it was packed to the rafters. Amazing night and the crowd were incredible, plus my set went down a storm!

Got some shots from the bar – oh yes! Quid each – I’m there!!!

Took this photo while I was there. Have to say I’m rather pleased with how it came out:


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Look at that – jackpot!!!

Must add that these were not bought using licence-payers’ money, perish the thought. I used my own money for every one – which I have to say I’m rather pleased with.

Cracking night all round, can’t wait ‘til next year. This is the best job in the world, I love it!!!

Right, that’s enough space filled for now. Cheerio!


Greg x


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