Unsung heroes turn out to meet celebs

Dozens of Britain’s unsung heroes enjoyed the rare opportunity of hob-nobbing with such celebrities as Sharon Osbourne and Myleene Klass as the Carol Vorderman Awards took place at Grosvenor House last night.

The celebrities were the stars of the evening, with many praising the “wonderful” acts of courage and bravery as they arrived for the ceremony in central London last night.

Former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne – herself a hero after recently recovering from exhaustion – presented an award with rocker husband Ozzy, who is also a hero after a long term battle against demons. She said afterwards that Britain was “packed with driven, outstanding people who are all as keen as mustard to give out these awards.”

Actress Joanna Lumley said: “I think it’s lovely how celebrities take time out of their busy schedules to recognise all sorts of ordinary people. It’s a wonderful feeling for stars to be able to give something back and it speaks volumes that dozens of them have turned up here tonight.”

TV presenter Myleene Klass added: “It’s a real privilege for these people to be able to come here and spend time in the company of such celebrated household names. People who compel you to overuse words like courageous, selfless, outstanding, endurance, bravery, wonderful, incredible, devoted – we wouldn’t possibly want to imagine what they’ve been through.”

The awards recognise the selflessness and endurance of British celebrities in honouring achievements against the odds by ordinary unsung members of the public. The winners are nominated by ITV and the Daily Mirror newspaper, before being shortlisted by Carol Vorderman, who then decides on a title for each individual award.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said winning a Pride of Britain award was nearly as good as winning the Premier League: “Top-flight footballers bring joy to millions and generate fantastic revenue but I’m sure even they’ll agree that the feeling gained after saving a man from drowning or tackling a suicide bomber to the floor has got to be up there with that of winning the title for the third year running.”

He said he would be using the words “courage, dynamism and passion” when presenting the lifetime achievement award to Sir Peter Mansfield, who developed the MRI scanner with nothing more than a broken television set, a spare piece of radioactivity and a giant O-shaped piece of white plastic from his parents’ garage, after leaving school at 15 with no qualifications.


2 Responses to “Unsung heroes turn out to meet celebs”

  1. dleighmiad Says:

    Wondering if these awards were real or not, I googled the “The Pride of Britain Awards”. Sure enough, their website states, “This is our tenth wonderful year, a decade of heart-warming, uplifting stories of people who have contributed so much to this country. And, of course, the rich and famous who came to honour them. I remember looking down from the stage on that first Pride of Britain at a youthful Tony Blair, an ageless Paul McCartney, a vibrant bunch of Spice Girls and a rising young footballer called Michael Owen.”

    About seven paragraphs later, the actual awards recipients are mentioned. As always, kudos to NewsBag!

    • falsenews Says:

      I’ve just looked at that site, as I never knew it had one. That kind of celebrity/media righteousness is my lifeblood. Thank you, ITV. Just when I thought things were a bit thin on the ground, along comes ITV to bail me out. ITV really are the gift that keeps on giving. They actually commissioned a programme called “Britain’s Favourite View” – that tells you everything you need to know, really….

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