Hilarious Boris retorts cut from Paxman interview

The BBC has been criticised over claims that it cut parts of an interview which shows Boris Johnson hilariously outwitting hapless Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman.

The normally aggressive interviewer was rendered speechless as the London Mayor continually struck with a series of cutting remarks. It is thought that Johnson outwitted Paxman with one particular line fourteen times in a row before the presenter struggled to answer back.

During the interview, after Mr Johnson’s speech to the Tory party conference in Manchester, it is thought that the London Mayor taunted the host “fourteen times” over his level of pay and how poorly it compared to that of several Conservative front-benchers. At one point he openly mocked the fact that Paxman could “barely afford a gypsy wagon on George Osbourne’s parents’ lawn.”

The mayor reportedly turned to others in the studio and taunted: “The reason old Pikey Paxman won’t tell us what he earns is because he’s ashamed. I earn more than him just from the Commons, and I only do that part-time. What a loser!”

Paxman was visibly floundering by this point, but managed to regain some composure until he referred to David Cameron as a “PR man”, at which point Boris retorted: “Well, at least he’s not a ‘P-Arse man’ like you! Or a ‘P-Niss’ man, which is what you’re evidently being at the moment, as I think everyone here will agree…”

The red-faced presenter stormed off the set before several members of the crew convinced him to return a few moments later and recommence the interview with the grinning Johnson. “Boris had him on the ropes by that point and he knew it,” said Peter Ian, who was working on set at the time. “Although the next five minutes or so went OK, it was only a matter of time before he piped up again.”

And so it proved when Paxman innocently asked him who were likely to be the biggest losers with regards to cuts in public spending. The Mayor is reported to have replied: “Losers? Apart from you, you mean? You, in your gypsy wagon on George Osbourne’s lawn, that’s who the REAL loser is. He then proceeded to hold his right index finger perpendicular to his outstretched thumb to form an “L” shape and sat with the back of his hand resting on his forehead throughout the remainder of the interview.

“He kept mouthing the word ‘cock’ off-camera to one of his cronies,” said Mr. Ian yesterday. “And he was laughing a fair bit too. At one point he muttered something along the lines of ‘we’ve got this in the bag, chaps’, followed by something which sounded like ‘the blues never lose’. It ruined the whole pace of the interview and there was a long discussion after filming about exactly what they could salvage from it. I don’t think the unedited copy will ever see the light of day, to be honest,” he added.

The BBC has said that any cuts were down to “maintaining cohesion” and that the edited version was “wholly representative”. Tory frontbenchers, along with Mr. Johnson, are now calling for the whole interview to be published online, unedited.


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