‘Fry’m not a qwitter’, says comic Stephen

Stephen Fry almost brought social networking site Twitter to a standstill over the weekend, threatening to stop using lazy similes after 1 of his 900,000 followers (0.000111%) sensationally branded him “boring”.

The QI host was said to be “more mawkish than a mawk” after threatening to quit social networking similism over the negative remark, and accused the writer of the offending post of being “more waspish than a wasp”.

The critic’s post was in response to Fry’s mid-afternoon update last Friday in which he informed his followers that he was “more peckish than a peck”. The poster insisted that this information was “too boring” and that Fry’s post was merely “a lazy word-extraction simile” which “didn’t even make sense anyway”.

Fry responded by saying he intended to cease using similes altogether and that the mere idea of a simile passing his lips made him feel “more squeamish than a squeam”, though yesterday he admitted he might have acted in haste and decided to reverse his decision, saying he had been “more selfish than a self”. He wrote yesterday that he was sorry to his followers for his petulance and that he was feeling “more sheepish than a sheep”.

List-show pundit Peter Ian says of Fry’s behaviour: “He needs to sort it out because 899,999 people obviously love him. He’s a national treasure at the end of the day and people avidly follow his updates all the time. He should count himself lucky, really. I know someone who writes a satirical blog that only gets about 4 hits per day, but he never complains about the public’s indifference. He just gets on with it and continues to write things regardless, and you certainly wouldn’t catch him flogging terrible similes in order to fill space.”

Fry admitted yesterday to having been “more foolish than a fool”.


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