Maggie Averidge: acclaimed medium

Uses psychic energies which science simply cannot measure to answer any questions from the “other side” – as long as they’re not too difficult


Dear Maggie,

Can you give me some general information as to the direction my life might take over the next few months or so? I’ve been worrying a lot recently as my son has been ill and my sister is facing bankruptcy. I pray your access to unproven entities can give me the guidance I need.

Mary, Herts.

~ Hi Mary, immediately I’m sensing worry concerning a male figure in your life who’s not been themselves recently – possibly due to a sort of fatigue or maybe an illness of some kind? And that this male, he’s related to you? Does this make sense? And that this male figure is coming through as being of a different age to you, possibly younger? A younger relative, yes? I’m getting quite a lot of healing energies coming through, as if this relative is recovering? And that it is…a slow recovery, does that make sense? My feeling is that you need to be strong and help this person, does that make sense? And I’m also getting a strong message the spirits are giving me – possibly to do with a female in your life, does that make sense? And that she is of possibly a similar age to you, but maybe slightly different, though not completely different? She’s a family member, I’m getting. Quite a close family member? Something to do with finances, does that make sense? And that she’s facing a difficult time in her life. Again, the spirits are telling me to tell you to be strong over the next few months, for both family members, whoever they are. I’m sensing good energies to do with your chakra, does that make sense? And that those energies will help you to be the person you need to be for the others in your life, which is what you need to be. I hope that helps you, Mary – peace be with you, darling.


Dear Maggie,

Can your spirit guides tell me when would be the best time to propose to my girlfriend? I was thinking of Valentine’s Day next year, but I wondered whether it may be better to do it on January 22nd as that’s her birthday. Also, can you give me some broadly-interpretable advice about my career? Thanks.

Colin, Swansea.

~ I’m sensing, Colin, that you’re a romantic person at heart, though you don’t always show it, am I right? I’m also picking up a lot of red energies, which means that love plays an important part in your life – matters of the heart, that sort of thing? I’m being given a very clear message from the spirits to do with a big decision coming up with regards to your love-life, possibly to do with commitment? I’m being told “Go for it!”, that you should take the plunge, as it were. Is Valentine’s Day significant to you, Colin? Because I’m getting that this decision should possibly take place around then, does that make sense? Another thing I’m being told is that a special someone’s special day is happening around the end of January, and that that might be the perfect time to make this decision. It’s definitely around the end of January, as I’m being given a strong unity of energies around that time next year. Two energies coming together in a strong romantic link involving both chakras. I’m also sensing your job is important to you, is that correct? And that you’re a strong-minded career person – a real go-getter, is that right? I’m being told that you focus maybe a bit too much on career goals, although your work ethic is also one of your strengths, does that make sense? The angels have communicated to me that you need to start taking it a bit easier, but at the same time keep focussed on your career as there may or may not be opportunities on the horizon at some point in the future. I hope that clarifies things for you, Colin.


Dear Maggie,

Can you give me a detailed reading about my immediate future and also let me know of any messages there may be for me from the other side?


~ Hmm… I’m finding this rather difficult as I’m just not making any sort of connection whatsoever. I don’t think it helps that you haven’t told me anything about you. It’s important for the spirits to have an outline of who they’re talking to and it’s essential for me to be able to establish that vital link which allows me to channel their energies for you. I’m afraid that without any information I am unable to provide a reading – perhaps you could write to me again with a few more details? Otherwise, the best I could do for you would be a few vague, speculative statements which could apply to anyone – and that’s not how I work, unfortunately. I deal in specifics, so if you could provide me some I will gladly do a reading for you in my next column.


Would YOU like to have a reading from Maggie? If so, please post a short message in the “about” section giving specific details about yourself and your reading may well appear in Maggie’s next column, which she insists will be posted “at some point in the future”.


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