Tornado causes Hampshire to become mildly interesting

A mild tornado briefly caused the county of Hampshire to become slightly interesting for a few minutes yesterday.

Police and emergency services received as many as 2 or 3 calls on Tuesday as the cyclone tore across the heart of Middle England, uprooting several flowers in its wake.

Hampshire policeman PC Peter Ian said earlier today: “I was in the bakery at the time and I saw several pieces of newspaper swirling around on the street. I was surprised because we don’t have that much of a litter issue in Twyford. I knew something was amiss when I got back to the station and the phone was ringing. Apparently a cyclist had been forced into a bush by the power of the wind alone. It took 3 paramedics to extricate her from the branches and the front basket was beyond repair.”

Many others suffered mild injuries, including:

A man in Mapledurwell struck about the face by a newspaper, which had been blown clean from a neighbour’s mailbox.

An elderly resident of Liss who lost her hat clean off her head and suffered surprise as a result.

A resident of Little Shoddesden staggering off-balance whilst clinging on to her hat and twisting her ankle as a result.

Two members of Sherfield-on-Loddon Women’s Institute who suffered slight dizziness after gasping.

A 61-year-old man in Turgis Green who became trapped inside his triple garage after a brief power cut meant he was unable to open the door.

A woman from Wootton St Lawrence rushed to her local surgery with a piece of grit trapped in her eye.

A schoolboy in Hurstbourne Tarrant suffering from grazes after falling as he gave chase to his cap.

The storm quickly disappeared leaving a slight mess in its aftermath. Several residents joined forces and watched from inside their houses as other people began the clean-up operation, which lasted just over a quarter of an hour.


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