Maggie Averidge: acclaimed medium

Uses psychic energies which science simply cannot measure to answer any questions from the “other side” – as long as they’re not too difficult


Dear Maggie,

I saw that Derek Acorah established a link to the spirit of Michael Jackson and I was staggered at the accuracy of some of the information he managed to pick up. I was hoping you could also make contact with Michael and let him know how much I enjoyed his music – even the stuff after Thriller.

Tommy, Lincs.

~ I hate to disappoint you Tommy, but I think you’ll find that Derek Acorah wasn’t actually contacting the spirit of Michael Jackson. Derek Acorah isn’t what we in the business would call a ‘good’ medium. He’s just a charlatan who preys on the grief of ordinary people for the purposes of mass entertainment. What you have to remember with someone like Derek is that he is there to generate viewing figures, and is nothing more than a performance artist. I’m afraid to report that he definitely wouldn’t have made contact with Michael during the hour-long show last week. The reason I know this for sure is because I was channelling Michael’s spirit in my own séance earlier that evening. Michael told me that he was disgusted with how Derek was attempting to use his passing as a means to generate viewing figures. He said that, as a form of revenge, he had sent a fake spirit to feed Derek misinformation in order to make him look stupid. Although I thought that was initially a good plan, the problem came when Derek conducted his séance later on. Because Derek isn’t a proper qualified and accredited medium like I am, he wouldn’t have been able to channel even the fake spirit, so he was forced to make bland, speculative statements which unfortunately came across as being quite accurate due to the fans he had with him volunteering information in order to fill in the gaps.

Now I’m not in any way jealous of the fact that Derek is on television and has been remarkably successful for many years, because I know in my heart that what I do is real. I have genuinely helped people through their grief and would never exploit anyone when they’re vulnerable. I only hope the likes of Derek Acorah can sleep at night knowing that they’re exploiting the public’s grief solely to make money. I never charge money for my readings – never have and never will.

Anyway, I’m sensing at the moment that Michael is tired, as his spirit is only coming through very dimly – I can barely tell if it’s him or not. Ah, yes, it is, definitely. Yes, it’s definitely him. He says he was grateful to have genuine fans like you, Tommy. And he even used your name just then, too. He says he always gives the name of the people on the earth plane just so you know it’s genuine. Thank you, Michael. Thank you for giving me this message to pass on to Tommy. Peace be with you, Michael, goodbye. Thank you. Yes I will, Michael, I’ll let Quincy Jones know that, yes. Thank you, Michael. Goodbye…


Dear Maggie,

I’ve heard that you’re a renowned tarot reader and I wondered whether you could do a personalised reading for me? I have sent the £20 administration cost as requested.

Debbie, Chatteris.

~ Thank you, Debbie, yes of course I will do you a reading. Thank you for the administration cost, too. I will ensure that this gets used solely for administration and nothing else – that’s my promise to you, my darling.

Hmm … first card … The Laughing Man. You have a wicked sense of humour, you love to laugh. But at the same time, underneath all that you’re quite a serious person, does that make sense? And that although you have this outgoing side you’re more than happy tucked up in bed with a good book away from all the hustle and bustle, am I right?

This next card is the Heart and it has a number “2” at the top left. Two hearts, yes. This could represent a development in your love-life. A meeting of two hearts. You never told me if you were single or not. If not, then this card means the existing love between you and your life partner will double. However, if you are single it means you will meet that special someone at some point in the future, definitely.

This last card is interesting … for it is of a Queen. The Queen With A Diamond. This is exciting because it means financial opportunities are afoot. Perhaps you are due a windfall in the future or there may be some inheritance heading your way. Who knows? It could also mean that a piece of jewellery is significant in some way or that something in some way connected to a diamond will be of some relevance to you at some time from now. Possibly something diamond-shaped, even. If not something directly to do with you, then definitely something to do with someone else connected to you in some way – a family member, a neighbour, a friend. Try and think about it a bit…

I hope this reading is everything you wanted, my darling. Peace be with you, my love…


Would YOU like to have a reading from Maggie? If so, please post a short message in the “about” section giving specific details about yourself and your reading may well appear in Maggie’s next column, which she insists will “definitely happen sometime”.


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