Sting compiles Amazon wishlist

In what is always a highly-anticipated event in the Sumner household, and indeed to the wider public, the Grammy-Award-winning singer Sting has once again compiled his Amazon wishlist in time for Christmas.

The contents of the wishlist are, as ever, a closely-guarded secret – particularly in the singer’s own household: “It’s always an exciting time for the whole Sumner family around Christmas, but it can sometimes be a bit stressful for Trudie to make sure Sting doesn’t find out what anyone’s bought for him,” said a spokesman for the performer, who has become something of a figurehead for the Amazon site.

“I’m sure he won’t mind me saying, but he’s quite a busybody – he’s always making everything his business. That can make it tricky for everyone else in his household to intercept the post and keep his presents hidden. Indeed, this has led to them having the packages delivered to friends’ houses in order to avoid Sting’s ‘knowing’ look, which he often uses to X-Ray the contents of a parcel,” he added.

The former Police frontman – a keen supporter of the website – decided to complete his traditional wishlist a week earlier than usual, due to the Brazilian government’s proposal to build a giant hydroelectric server for the site over the next few weeks – a move which threatens to drastically increase the overall volume of traffic, particularly along the Xingu River.

The list is thought to contain as many as 20 individual items, with roughly one third available through Amazon’s marketplace. The average dispatch time is rumoured to be around 3-4 days, with the longest delivery time said to be around 1 week – although this could increase “significantly” during the creation of the Bel Monte Server.

During a press conference in Sao Paulo, the ‘I Saw Three Ships’ singer urged Brazil’s government not to start work on the BMS until after Christmas, as it would “massively inconvenience the festive arrangements for many Amazon customers as well as those of its various indigenous groups.”


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