Maggie Averidge: acclaimed medium

Uses psychic energies which science simply cannot measure to answer any questions from the “other side” – as long as they’re not too difficult


Dear Maggie,

I would love for you to do me a reading for the upcoming year. And if you are struggling in any way, just to widen the net until something relates to my life in some way, however loosely.


Sandy, Leeds.

~ Hmm … I think we have a skeptic in our midst, don’t we Sandy? Not that I mind in any way. I’m a huge fan of skeptics. Believe it or not, I’m actually quite skeptical myself – I always question things in a rational way before blindly believing in everything I’m “picking up” from the “other side”. Anyway, I’m starting to pick up something from you, Sandy, but it’s not coming through very clearly – it’s as if it’s blocked in some way. This is typical of skeptics, as they have a negativity about them which disrupts the flow of energy from the spirit world. I feel you need to release this negative energy, as it is holding you back from enjoying your life to its full potential. That’s better… I sense, Sally, that change will be significant in your life over the next year. Now that may be change in employment, relationships or maybe a change of outfit. It could mean new shoes, perhaps, or a change of décor at home – or maybe you will even move house. This change could be to do with anything in your day-to-day life, though it may also be change related to loved ones, friends, neighbours or even colleagues at work. Basically, someone somewhere (including yourself) will at some point experience a change of some kind or other at some time in the future. Now that might be financial, emotional or superficial as I have mentioned above, but it could also cover changes relating to someone in your life (including you) from being in an alive state to being deceased. And if it’s not to do with that, then it could possibly relate to the fact that you may well go into a shop and buy some goods totalling £1.99 using a £20 note. As you can imagine, £18.01 represents significant change in your life, Sally. But it may not even be something like that. If I, sorry, the spirits, haven’t guessed correctly yet, then don’t despair. They are often quite cryptic for good reason, though they have never been wrong (that I can remember, anyway). Perhaps they could be saying “change”, as in “bureau de” – maybe you’re thinking of taking a holiday, or at least are due a break? I’m sure you’ll find something in that reading which makes sense, Sally. Peace be with you, and I hope this goes some way towards curing you of your skepticism, my darling.


Dear Maggie,

I’ve been told I’m quite psychic myself and I actually foresaw Sandy’s letter to you, together with your reading. I can understand her skepticism, however, as this reading may not have been for her. In fact, I almost felt that it could have been written for me, as the details were completely accurate. I’m actually moving house, I have just come out of a relationship and several people around me have changed or died (or at least are about to). I’m quite astounded and I can’t think of any rational reasons why something like this would happen – how would you, as a medium, go about explaining this?

Ann, Diss.

~ Well, Ann, this is not unusual at all. The spirits can often pre-empt things, which is clearly what has happened in this case. In fact, I’ve known of spirits pre-empting readings as far as six steps ahead of the current reading. It’s similar to the monkeys-with-typewriters theory. Basically, you should think of the spirits as an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters, and of an accurate reading as being the Complete Works Of Shakespeare. My point is that each reading is suited to someone, although it may not always be straightforward finding whose reading it is. Another way to think of this phenomenon is to imagine that the “other side” is an enormous estate agency, and that every week it puts new properties (i.e. readings) in its windows. Now, the medium is similar to an estate agent, in that they act as a facilitator between the reading produced from the “other side” and the client, who is the prospective buyer. In real life, prospective buyers are nearly all skeptical of estate agents and many will say they haven’t had good experiences with them. That’s all well and good, but houses still get sold, don’t they? That means the estate agent must be getting something right, yes? You’ll also find that estate agents don’t record the times they haven’t sold, as this information is irrelevant to them. In fact, if a house doesn’t sell, the agent will usually remove it from their books entirely, and concentrate on marketing those which are more likely to appeal to buyers – although a good estate agent will show persistence and strongly persuade the buyer that it does indeed match their criteria in order to ensure they receive their commission.

The public don’t really believe in estate agents anymore, but there are still thousands of them up and down the country making a living from gullible people in difficult and stressful situations. Basically, estate agents exist, but people choose not to believe in them – does that sound familiar to you? Good spirits to you, my darling…


Would YOU buy a house from Maggie? If so, please post a short message in the “about” section giving specific details about your current property and you may well appear in Maggie’s agency, which she insists is “definitely not closing down”.


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