OMG!! 1!!1!!! Facebook ‘helps 2 improve writin’

Research has suggested that social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo could help to improve young people’s writing skills.

The survey, which was carried out by some people with beards, found that more than half of young people with a blog or a social networking page claimed to be good at writing. This strong positive link between social networking and good grammar will come as welcome news to the creators of sites such as Facebook and Bebo, which have recently come under fire for causing cancer.

Peter Ian, a spokesman for sites such as Facebook and Bebo, said of the research: “I think the results speak for themselves, to be honest. But, for those people who aren’t as good at misinterpreting vague and inconclusive research, the gist of it is that sites such as Facebook and Bebo are actually good for children and can help their writing and grammar by quite a percent. Although the original survey only found that some children who use social networking sites such as Facebook or Bebo ‘enjoyed writing more’ and had ‘greater confidence’, we can fill in the gaps a bit and assume that because they like it, they will almost certainly become better at it. Well, at least you’d think so, anyway.

“Some of the young people surveyed said they would probably do a bit more writing at some point, if they felt like it. To me, that represents a massive positive for sites such as Facebook and Bebo, as it proves beyond doubt that they are actually helpful in improving young people’s writing skills. In fact, you could even speculate that this improvement could be in some way responsible for the rises in GCSE performance across the board. It wouldn’t be out of the question, anyway, seeing as 5% of each exam paper is marked on spelling, punctuation and grammar.”

The results also give a strong indication that, due to the negligible carcinogenic levels found in the act of writing, sites such as Facebook and Bebo now no longer cause cancer. Tony Mick, a Facebook user, said of the interpretation of the results: “OMG!!!111 PMSL!!! I dnt belev it!!!!!11!! Thought I wuz a goner for a sec!!!! LMFAO!!!”. Timothy ‘Timmz’ Peters, another Facebook user, added that he “liked” this, whilst another user proved beyond doubt the power of the written word by writing “word…”


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