Maggie Averidge: acclaimed medium

Uses psychic energies which science simply cannot measure to answer any questions from the “other side” – as long as they’re not too difficult


Dear Maggie,

I was wondering what your opinion was on the Ouija board, whether you yourself have ever used it and what experiences you or others close to you have had when using it.

Love and light,

Sandra, Worcs.

~ My advice to you Sandra, even though you haven’t explicitly asked for it, is DO NOT use it. DO NOT use the board. I cannot stress that enough, although it is merely just my personal opinion. DO NOT USE THE BOARD – you just don’t know what you’re letting in. You’re opening up a portal to ALL spirits, including the evil ones. Use Tarot cards instead, because although they are essentially similar in that they too are simply a piece of cardboard with a picture on it, the spirits somehow know the difference. Only the good spirits can come through with Tarot cards, whereas the evil ones definitely favour the Ouija boards – and that’s actually been proven scientifically (in that science has yet to DISPROVE it). The board is a doorway and you can’t control what comes in unless you have a qualified medium present who can administer the necessary protection.

I myself have experienced the evils of the Ouija. When I was a teenager, a group of us decided to try one out for a bit of fun and TO THIS DAY none of us have forgotten what happened during that evening. The glass moved entirely of its’ own accord, even though the 5 of us were placing a finger on top of it. Then we removed our fingers from it completely AND IT STOPPED – explain THAT! I tell you something, none of US could explain it either. The other thing we couldn’t explain was how when the glass moved, it was responding correctly to questions only WE knew the answers to – every time. It was obvious that the spirits were channelling our energies, using our eyes, thoughts and physical energy to communicate their message. It couldn’t have been anything else. There’s simply no other plausible explanation for it, in my opinion. We knew we had encountered an evil demon that evening, which had somehow got into our minds and played on our mutual fears, and we never dared use a Ouija board again afterwards.

So, Sandra, I would urge you NOT to use the Ouija Board. Although I haven’t given a balanced view on the matter, I would still insist you don’t use it, thus reinforcing the unfounded societal negativity surrounding the board. I’m certainly not trying to perpetuate the unhealthy view that you will ALMOST CERTAINLY come to harm should you use one, but I have stress that you ABSOLUTELY DON’T use it whatsoever. You shouldn’t take such a huge risk for the sake of talking to unproven and arguably non-existent entities. If you want to talk to loved ones who have passed, then that’s what God created mediums for. You must always use a reputable and expensive medium to ensure you receive the correct messages from the other side – peace be with you, my darling…


Dear Maggie,

I was wondering, are you able to pick up vibrations from someone’s personal belongings? I have enclosed my late grandfather’s gold watch in case you do.

Blessed be,

Ruth, Llandudno.

~ Greetings, Ruth. ‘psychometry’ – or ‘token object reading’ as we are now supposed to refer to it – is something which only sham mediums, such as those who appear on television regularly, use as nothing more than a prop to make their cold readings appear more authentic. I’m not mentioning any names, but a well-known medium whose initials are D.A. (I think we all know who I’m referring to) often uses this to detract from the fact that he’s not a proper medium. Now I’m not conforming to the bitter mediumistic stereotype of slagging off television psychics out of jealousy, as I actually believe that television mediums are dangerous and that they devalue the work of many non-famous psychics. I certainly wouldn’t scoff at the mention of, say, Tony Stockwell, before employing exactly the same techniques as he uses, for example.

My point is that these so-called ‘famous’ mediums don’t practice psychometry in the correct way, like I do. I use a misinterpretation of quantum theory to pick up on the vibrational frequency of an inanimate object in order to be able to ‘tune in’ to that object’s history. That’s what I have done with your watch, Ruth. And immediately I was able to tell that it belonged to an older gentlemen, perhaps a grandfatherly figure, and that this person used it regularly, does that make sense? Would I be right in saying that he came to rely on it at times? He wore it on his … left wrist, am I right? If not, then he certainly wears it on his left arm IN SPIRIT. He was always saying something like “Where’s my damn watch?” or “Where did I put that blasted watch?”. If not, then he was definitely THINKING that at times, that’s for sure! In fact, right now he’s telling me “Look after that watch, make sure you look after it”. He’s saying “Keep it safe for me”, does that make sense? And of course I will, as is my promise to him. I will make sure your watch is kept completely safe, my dear. May love and light be with you, Ruth…


Would YOU like to ask a question of Maggie? If so, you can now send requests telepathically, and Maggie will endeavour to make up an answer in time for her next column, which “may or may not happen” sometime soon.


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