Public ‘not completely on board’ with climate change: poll

A recent ICM poll has shown that the public are not entirely on board with upcoming changes in the world’s climate.

The poll, carried out for The Sunday Telegraph, revealed that 56% of those quizzed “weren’t being funny or anything, but if temperatures are rising, how come we’re still getting such shitty, cold and wet weather all the time?”. A further 43% said “if the climate has changed, then I haven’t bloody noticed it,” with an overwhelming 96% of those going on to say “if anything, the weather’s got worse.”

Around half of the people surveyed believed there was no proof that global warming was caused by humans, saying that it was “most likely down to cars and factories and stuff like that,” with 17% insisting that if there was a problem, it “probably isn’t all that serious in my opinion.”

When quizzed on rising sea levels across the globe, a mammoth 62% of those surveyed said “of course they’re going to rise, what with all that bloody rain falling all the time,” with nearly 32% believing that “rises in temperature would make more of the water evaporate, so surely the sea levels would go down, not up.”. A further 36% were confused because “in the Ice Age they didn’t have cars, and yet all that still melted, so how do you explain that?”

In what is perhaps the most damning result from the survey, 82% of those questioned said that, overall, they felt “let down” by climate change, with nearly three-quarters of those placing the blame with the current government. This will come as something of a shock to the Prime Minister, who is due to attend a meeting next week along with other world leaders to secure a new deal designed to tackle rising global temperatures.


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