People set to enjoy Christmas, say experts

Millions of people across Britain are making preparations to enjoy the festive season, with many planning to exchange presents with loved ones, take time off work and spend quality time with their families.

Excitement is rife in workplaces throughout the country, as many will be holding staff parties which traditionally involve high volumes of alcohol intake together with general revelry, and provide a good opportunity for employees to let their hair down. Christmas party-goers are likely to guzzle several million units, with more than half expected to exceed the recommended daily alcohol intake, which is 4 units a day for men and 3 units for women.

Millions of families are expected to put up decorations throughout their homes in the next few days, with some even going as far as to decorate the outside their houses too. It is anticipated that a percentage of homeowners will become the envy of their neighbourhoods by spending a combined total of several million pounds on complex and extravagant light animations extending throughout their front gardens.

A proportion of people may even host parties – especially for New Year – although many are expected to celebrate at their local pubs or bars, with others planning a quieter night indoors watching television or playing games. Alcohol will inevitably play a major part in these celebrations, with an estimated several hundred million units being consumed over the Christmas to New Year period, according to experts. Research also suggests that several festive revellers will mix their drinks, with the majority expected to drink beer together with “shots” of a particular spirit, whilst others will mostly drink wine over the festive period. Some may even go as far as preparing “cocktails” involving several different alcoholic drinks, experts say.

Christmas is expected to begin on December 25th.


2 Responses to “People set to enjoy Christmas, say experts”

  1. dleighmiad Says:

    Fascinating! Sounds like this “Christmas” thing just might take off in Britain.

  2. falsenews Says:

    Experts say that if this one goes well there’s every chance another one will be scheduled for next year – weather permitting.

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