Peaches Geldof wins damages over accusation she earned money

Peaches Geldof has received an undisclosed sum in libel damages after a controversial front page newspaper article falsely claimed that she had earned some money.

Geldof, who is famous for being a daughter, was wrongly accused by the Daily Star newspaper in September 2008 of having set up her own business with a nightly turnover of £5000.

The 20-year-old immediately bought legal proceedings against the tabloid insisting that she had “never earned a penny, let alone £5000” and that she didn’t have the “time or inclination to bother setting up a business”, because she had “so much stuff going on at the moment.”

At London’s High Court, Geldof’s solicitor told Mr. Justice Eady how his client had initially gone to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) about the article, headlined: “Peaches: Let me provide a service for you in exchange for money.”

Jonathon Coad, acting on behalf of Miss Geldof, explained how Express Newspapers had acknowledged that the headline implied Geldof “provided something of some financial value in return for payment,” the Press Association reported. He also went on to explain how such an allegation could prove damaging to his client’s reputation, since 100% of her financial income is released to her via a trust fund set up by her father, Sir Bob Geldof.

“Sir Bob has worked hard for that money,” said a spokesperson yesterday, “and he’d be mortified if Peaches had disrespected the value of it by supplementing it through her own initiative. Luckily this allegation is entirely unfounded, although I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate some of that money being wasted on solicitor’s fees – especially when you think that most of them charge as much as a high class hooker.”


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