Daily Mail embroiled in another phone scandal as N-Dubz sensationally use rude words

The Daily Mail newspaper has become involved in a fresh telephone scandal after pop group N-Dubz sensationally used foul language towards a listener of Radio 1, who criticised their latest hit record via a text message.

Dappy Dubz – lead singer of the N-Dubz – used foul language, such as “******” and “*****” towards a terrified listener of the Chris Moyles breakfast show on Radio 1. An audience of over 7 million listened in horror as the youth texted the abusive message during the airing of the band’s latest hit single.

“At first I wondered what the slight clicking noise in the background was,” said listener Peter Ian yesterday, “then I was shocked to read in the Daily Mail the exact details of the exchange and now I feel sickened. I can’t believe that newspaper has done the same thing yet again – it looked like the issue had been resolved in-house, but then the Mail felt it had to run a feature on it, prolonging that poor listener’s misery. I feel outraged, I really do – if only there were some kind of professional body she could complain to over the way she has been exploited. She’s a young mum, too, I gather. Goodness knows how upsetting that article will be should her daughter ever get to read it.

“They even tagged on the end of the story a reminder of how Chris Moyles was (quite rightly) reprimanded for making a joke about Auschwitz. Quite how that has any relevance to the issue, I’m not entirely sure – especially coming from a newspaper which once openly supported Hitler. You’d think they’d want to shut up about stuff like that, really.”

The Daily Mail itself is no stranger to BBC-related telephone controversy, as this latest outrage has arisen just 15 months after it came under fire for exploiting the plight of 83-year-old actor Andrew Sachs. The good-natured actor – who at the time was recovering from the shock of receiving vulgar answerphone messages from BBC presenters Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand – was stunned to see transcripts of those messages appear over several pages of the national tabloid a few weeks later.

“Once I saw this N-Dubz story, I thought to myself ‘Oh God, not again’”, said Sachs earlier today. “I’d have thought the Mail would have learned their lesson by now, but it seems they just can’t help becoming involved in stuff like this. I honestly don’t know why I expected any better of them, but there you go …”


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