Cor-uption at nationaITV Awards

The nationaITV Awards have come under fire this week over accusations of vote rigging to ensure its flagship show Coronation Street won the coveted Best Soap award.

Rival BBC bosses have hit out after BBC1’s Eastenders shockingly lost out to its ITV nemesis for the first time in 5 years, and many feel that the awards ceremony favoured Coronation Street.

A spokesperson for the nationaITV Awards said yesterday: “This is sour grapes from the BBC.  Corrie is clearly the nation’s favourite, and has been for many years. It is incredible to think that a show which started out as a short series filmed live all those years ago has developed into the warm, much-loved format viewers enjoy today. It’s staggering to think that this show has sometimes gone out as many as 6 nights in a week, but it’s a testament to all those involved that the quality of the output never diminishes.

“The cast, writers, directors and producers throughout the years should all be rightly proud of having been involved in such a heartwarming family programme steeped in a gentle northern humour, which has for so long stood the test of time. I’m more than confident that we’ll be here after another 50 years celebrating the centenary of Britain’s most famous street, whose heart still beats like a cannon. After reminding the viewers of this throughout the ceremony, it seemed that they agreed and hence it deservedly won Best Soap in a fitting and emotional end to the evening, which many of us will treasure for several days.”

The BBC were last night quoted as saying that the awards were “a complete shithouse” and that Coronation Street was “a pile of wank that only old farts bother to watch”, before adding: “STRICTLY speaking, it’s not as if we have one flagship show which we crowbar into every other programme as much as we can. I mean, COME on, let’s not be DANCING around the issue here – it’s blatant corruption is what it is.”


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