NME name unchanged line-up for 2010 awards

NME magazine have named an unchanged line-up on all its major award categories for the sixth year running.

Oasis once again received nominations for Best British Male Guitar Band, Best Live Male Guitar Band and Best Male Guitar Based Album, as well as the prestigious and much sought-after Lads Of The Year award. Guitarist Noel Gallagher is also up for an individual award, as he is also favourite to receive the coveted Top Fella Award.

Kasabian are frontrunners once again in the Best Male Haircut category, which also includes arch rivals Arctic Monkeys. The two bands will also go head-to-head once again for the Most Masculine Guitar Sound award, a category in which Kasabian narrowly lost out last year after partially emasculating their music through the use of keyboards.

The Best Male Session Musician award is set to be hotly contested again this year between Florence & The Machine, Lady Ga-Ga and La Roux., whilst Lady Ga-Ga leads the nominations in the Best Male Production On A Contemporary Track category with Poker Face.

NME editor Krissi Murison said yesterday: “The fact that NME have chosen the same bands in its major award categories for another year running really says something about the calibre of these acts and the overall state of the section of the music industry we continually choose to write about. The fact that the same handful of male guitar acts keep on winning these awards must mean we’re doing something right.

“For instance, our readers have voted overwhelmingly for Oasis, despite them having split up over five months ago. This is because we feature them so prominently in most of our issues that the majority of the readership is unaware they ever split. As far as 90% of NME buyers are concerned, the Gallaghers have just fallen out again and are no longer talking to one another, as usual. To be honest, even if the founder members of that band died we’d probably still nominate them in much of the same categories next year, including the Paul Weller Award For Not Turning Up.”

The awards are due to take place next month.


2 Responses to “NME name unchanged line-up for 2010 awards”

  1. dleighmiad Says:

    Ha! I heard Oasis was a no-show at their headlining gig at last year’s V Festival. It’s amazing to me that a band that hasn’t put out a decent record in nearly fifteen years (and by all accounts are awful human beings) can even play a big festival much less headline.

  2. falsenews Says:

    At least now they’ve split we will be spared the usual music journalist merry-go-round of “This is the best album in years – a real return to form” every damn time they release a record that’s as least twice as shit as the last one.

    Plus, someone needs to tell the Gallaghers it’s not 1996 anymore. Actually, someone needs to tell the NME that too…

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