Labour recall Blair for vital May fixture

Veteran politician Tony Blair has received a shock call-up to the Labour fold over two years since he sensationally turned his back on UK politics in order to attempt to forge a big-money career overseas.

Labour selector Peter Mandelson told the Daily Mirror yesterday: “I know to some it may look like a risky decision, but he’s a proven performer of the highest calibre, knows the ropes well and has been in good form recently for the Middle East. Some might say he’s past his best, but I think he offers plenty in terms of knowledge and experience, and his work rate is second to none. I’ve seen him in training and I tell you something, he runs rings round the younger politicians such as Balls and Milliband. I’ve never seen a faster leafletter, plus his knowledge of question-dodging alone is impeccable. The hunger is definitely still there, for sure, and his ability as a top-flight politician has never been in question.

“We want all the party’s leadership – past and present – to be contributing to our electoral success. I’m expecting everyone to get stuck in and give it 110% in the run-up to May – no excuses. They know as well as everyone what is at stake for the country.”

Mandelson added that he intended to recall more Labour veterans towards May, as the electoral contest becomes fiercer over the upcoming weeks: “May 6th is a big contest for us, and in the big competitions you need your biggest names. At this level, you don’t win anything with youngsters, so having someone like Blair on side will be a priceless source of wisdom which younger politicians such as Harman and Darling can make good use of throughout the campaign.”

When interviewed, yesterday, Mr. Blair spoke of his “excitement” after learning of his call-up to the front bench: “I haven’t slept a wink all night. I can’t wait to get out there and show the PM I’ve still got what it takes at this level. I’m confident I’ve still got something to offer in terms of pace, vision and electionability, and, although I’m older than I was 5 years ago, I still feel I have enough stamina and the mental fortitude to deliver the sort of consistent performances required to win the crucial parliamentary battles throughout the campaign – provided I don’t pick up an injury along the way.”


2 Responses to “Labour recall Blair for vital May fixture”

  1. dleighmiad Says:

    I heard Blair might be traded to Real Madrid.

  2. falsenews Says:

    Or possibly LA Galaxy…

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