The West Briton

(should never have gone to) COURT FILE

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010


DAVID PISHK, aged 35, of Perranworthal, pleaded guilty at Truro court to brandishing a twig in an aggressive manner at passers-by in Lemon Quay on the afternoon of October 26th last year and was fined £15 plus costs.

EAMONN JONAS BRYHANT, aged 60, of Camborne, pleaded guilty at Truro court to parking without due care and attention after scratching the bumper of a stationery vehicle, causing £10 worth of damage. Mr. Bryant was ordered to pay compensation of £10 plus costs, totalling £12.85.

THOMAS ARSCANDLE, aged 44, of Hayle, pleaded guilty to furiously bursting a packet of crisps in a built-up area after a row with his partner and was given a conditional discharge for one week.

SHARON PFITH, aged 28, of Perran Sands Caravan Park, pleaded guilty at Truro court to taking a cigarette without owner’s consent. After seeing her neighbour’s open packet of cigarettes left on a table on 31st August last year, Ms. Pfith “took leave of her senses” and “in a moment of madness” proceeded to steal one of the cigarettes, before re-arranging the rest in an attempt to cover her tracks. Unfortunately, Ms. Pfith’s attempt was thwarted after a nearby dog alerted her neighbour by repeatedly barking loudly for several minutes. She was fined £2.50.

DONNA PLYNTH-MATTHEWSON, aged 36, of St. Austell, pleaded guilty at Truro court to protesting at the difficulty of a question on a pub quiz machine by banging her fist against the screen. The court took into account her intoxicated state at the time, and, although no damage occurred, Ms. Plynth-Matthewson’s actions caused a minor disturbance for which she received a six-month conditional discharge.

SIMON BEANBAG, aged 26, of Looe, pleaded guilty at Truro court to going “Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!” in a public place after accidentally dropping his mobile phone in some dog muck on July 22nd last year. He was fined £1.

TREVOR PENIS-JONES, aged 48, of Pool, pleaded guilty at Truro court to incorrect storage of firearms. Mr. Penis-Jones was ordered to pay costs of £15.


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