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Radio 1’s hottest new talent shares nothing of any interest from forgettable British towns

Greetings from Irthlingborough in Northamptonshire, where I played a particularly well-received set last night at O’Neills Irish theme pub – proper wicked sick! You should have been there – I was great! Had a few too many sherberts, though, and woke up with vomit down the side of my face. Awesome!

Promised a fan I’d post their picture:

Oh yes! Get in! Who’s the daddy? That’s right, it’s your boy Jamesy! Have to say I’m rather pleased with how this picture turned out…

Now you may have noticed I only update this blog sporadically – this is because I’m out most nights “having it” and generally indulging myself throughout the provinces. I don’t think I’ve had to pay for my own drinks since I took over from Edith! Quality!

Got stuck on the road on the way home – check this out:

This moron held me up for at least a minute and a half! Looks like a typical commercial radio listener to me – what do you reckon? Yeah, I thought you’d agree. Got to say, though, I’m very pleased with the quality of this photo – especially with how the digital zoom hasn’t compromised its detail.

Oh my God!!! Waaaaaaayyyyyy too many words in that paragraph – time for another photo, methinks:

The views from my Travelodge room window were simply breathtaking, apart from several surrounding pylons. Got to say I’m pleased with this one – came out really well.

Right, I’m off to Cleator Moor – cracking gig lined up tonight – can’t wait!!!

Greg x


5 Responses to “”

  1. dleighmiad Says:

    How DARE you mock Greg James! I’m never reading this awful blog again. And just for the record, Jamesy’s soft, supple skin, dreamy eyes, and silky hair that one could just run their fingers through for hours and hours on end have nothing to do with my objection to this post. Nothing whatsoever.

  2. falsenews Says:

    There are no sacred cows in the ‘Bag, I’m afraid. No-one is safe. And besides, you’re not subjected to his show every lunchtime like I am. He might have cool hair and shit, but his show’s features stink. To the point where (for some reason) he decides to play the “best bits” from Chris Moyles’ show earlier on and I actually find some respite in it….

    Mind you, at least he’s not Vernon Kaye, I’ll give him that….

  3. dleighmiad Says:

    There was a short-lived (thank God) US version of Hit Me Baby, One More Time. Kaye and the entire show were dreadful.

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