‘Lotto lout’ offers help to £56m winners

Michael Carroll, the so-called ‘Lotto lout’, showed a more compassionate side to his character as he declared his intention to help the £56m Euromillions jackpot winners Nigel Page and Justine Laycock “wherever possible”.

Carroll, 26, is familiar with the pitfalls of the National Lottery after himself having lost £9.7m of lottery money over the past 8 years. Despite this, he has vowed to use his unfortunate experience for the power of good and has generously offered to help the couple throughout the next few weeks as they adjust to life after their massive windfall. He has also lined up several investment opportunities for them in order to help bolster their fortune further, should they wish to do this in the future.

“They’re going to want to look after that money,” said Carroll yesterday, “and fair play to them for doing that. There’s gonna be a lot of maggots and leeches coming out of the woodwork in the next few weeks and they’ll want to be careful they don’t get scammed. My advice to them is to trust no-one, except for me. I’d make sure that they used that money wisely and not fall for anyone attempting to con them.

“With all that money, there’s so much potential – especially if they decide to give something back and invest in, you know, businesses, people, that kind of thing. Imagine what a buzz they’d feel if they invested in, you know, young people – especially people like my mates, who are out of work. There’s a lot of guys in their twenties – myself included – who are out of work and would be grateful to get a bit back, you know. Just to have someone show a bit of faith in them, more than anything…”

The lucky couple told reporters yesterday that they would look after their friends and family following their mammoth win, although Mr. Carroll is adamant they can increase their wealth further from investing in growing businesses: “There’s a lot of good start-ups around my way at the moment and they’ll want to strike while the iron’s hot. I’ve got a mate, right, who collects lead flashings to sell to the trade. It’s all above board and stuff and he makes a few hundred quid a week. But imagine what Neil and Jemma’s money could do for his business. He could rake in at least double what he’s bringing home at the moment, maybe even employ a couple of others, you know. They’d pretty much get their money back in no time.

“Also, right, this other mate of mine gets DVDs of films before they’re released. They’re not pirate copies or anything, they’re the actual films – top quality. Sells them at the local car boot every weekend. Imagine how much he could expand if Nigel and Jane lent him a few grand. I tell you what, yeah, they want to be quick, ‘cos that little business he’s got is a goldmine – it’s going places, I’m serious. Listen, right, there’s a lot of good things Keith and Debbie could do with that £52million. I’m not about to sit back and let them waste it like I did…’ere, lend us a tenner, would ya? I just need to get some fags and stuff. Oh come on…you’ll get it back in a fortnight, straight up. What’s a tenner between mates, eh? I’ll give it yer back whenever I next see you. You tight prick! Yeah, fuck off. Wanker! Fucking prick! Wouldn’t even lend us a tenner, the tight cunt. Oi, mate! Scuse me mate! Can you lend us a twenty? Just ‘til I get to the post office….seriously, you’ll get it back. Swear on me mum’s life….”


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