Brown pledge to focus on “platitudes that matter”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to focus on the “platitudes that matter” in the run-up to the General Election in May.

Speaking at the Welsh Labour conference in Swansea, Mr. Brown warned delegates: “We cannot afford to become complacent and fall back on clichés such as ‘a stronger Britain’ or ‘economic stability’, as the electorate have heard these soundbytes too many times. We need to focus on platitudes that matter, such as ‘greater police presence’, ‘better healthcare’ and ‘a fairer Britain for all’. We have to be seen to address voters’ concerns in a seemingly decisive, yet non-specific way.

“We need to improve all political soundbytes, rather than promise wholesale changes across the board. That’s not going to secure votes come the election, so we have increase ‘doorstep presence’ over the upcoming weeks to ensure people don’t ‘vote with their feet’ on May 6th. It’s time to face facts. The need for action is paramount, and specific promises play no part in that action. A vote for – do we still call ourselves ‘New’? – Labour is a vote for the same – but hopefully a bit better.”

Meanwhile, Conservative leader David Cameron criticised Labour’s approach, branding Mr. Brown’s platitudes “outdated and meaningless”. Speaking yesterday, Mr. Cameron insisted: “I think most people agree that this government’s platitudes are no longer relevant to the needs of the electorate. It’s time for politics to do away completely with meaningless, empty buzzwords and catchphrases. It’s time for change.

“The time has come for a new government with a new set of platitudes more appropriate to the current climate – a Conservative government would not only do away with political rhetoric, it would also ensure a fairer set of empty platitudes for all. We would strive to achieve a more stable and sustainable rhetoric going forward. We aim to do away with spin and hyperbole and instead concentrate on good, sensible soundbytes which appear to genuinely address the concerns of the electorate. The Labour government has allowed meaningless political clichés to spiral out of control for too long now, and this country has suffered because of it. Let’s face it, things can only get better….”


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