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Regular readers of my column will know full well my views on the fat cats who run the BBC. Bloated, complacent pigs who love nothing more than to gorge on OUR licence money until their bellies burst through the front of their Marks & Spencer shirts. I’ve always hated the idea of the BBC. It has nothing to do with the fact they’ve never commissioned a single one of my ideas, nor the fact that I write in the printed media, which many refer to as a dying medium. No, I hate the BBC because it is frivolous and wasteful with OUR money. There is nothing I can’t stand more than irresponsibility when it comes to public finance. Those in charge should be accountable AT ALL TIMES. I myself know this better than anyone, having seen financial mismanagement on numerous occasions throughout my journalistic career. I don’t have any particular examples of this, but how many times do we open up a newspaper or switch on the television to see yet ANOTHER instance of public money being frittered away needlessly, be it by local authorities, NHS trusts or by the BBC?

Nearly a year ago, in this very column, I called upon BBC director general Mark Thompson to make sweeping changes after a litany of public finance misuse. I actually said that he needed to put the squeeze on the BBC’s output and that certain radio stations, such as the Asian Network and 6Music, should be sacrificed in order to streamline the corporation’s overall landscape. And what happened? He did just that. Good for him – and me. Who wants to listen to specialist music anyway? Specialist idiots, that’s who. I know better than anyone what it takes to create good, wholesome, mainstream output and I know that no-one in their right minds would want to listen to a load of random, indistinguishable guitar noise, or ghastly, so-called “rap” music (surely someone missed the “c” off the start of that?). As a broadcaster it is your responsibility to provide output which is both popular AND relevant. 6Music didn’t do that. Who cares about the latest Matmos single? Wouldn’t people rather know about what Craig Davids has been up to recently? Remember, this is PUBLIC money we’re talking about here – and the public likes Craig Davis, NOT unlistenable dross like Florence Machine.

I’ve long been of the opinion that the BBC should make drastic adjustments to its output. I know better than anyone, having worked in regional commercial broadcasting, that the BBC cannot continue lumbering along in such a dinosaur fashion. It needs to be streamlined in order to compete with its commercial rivals, who now hold all the cards when it comes to public taste. I would go further, if I were Mark Thompson, and cut back to just two national radio stations and two television channels. And I would do away with the BBC’s news output completely, as I, for one, find it particularly biased. OK, newspapers are biased too, but they’re biased THE RIGHT WAY. No-one can replace or recreate the wondrous experience, as the working man begins his day by opening the pages of his daily newspaper and absorbing the world within its crisp, informative sheets. Nor the swelling anger which erupts in the pit of his stomach as he realises just how bad its journalists believe the world to be, his working-class heart pounding in apoplectic agreement over the REAL problems in this country, such as immigration, the government and the BBC. There really is no substitute for high quality print journalism.

You only have to think back just over a year to remember who gave us “Sachsgate” – yep, that’s right, OUR BBC. And it doesn’t stop there. Endless telephone voting scandals, together with the recent outrage surrounding the appearance of pop group N-Dubz on Radio 1, clearly show how the BBC has outstayed its welcome with the people of this country, and is now in terminal decline because of it. You only have to open up a newspaper to see just how far this once-great broadcasting body has now sunk.

Things clearly need to change…


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  1. Mrs Bad teeth Says:

    Can Tim Minns dies soon. He’s annoying.

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