Clegg’s wife blasts ‘patronising’ media

The wife of Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has hit out at what she believes to be “patronising” coverage of politicians’ spouses.

Looking radiant in a stunning three-quarter length blue dress, Miriam Gonzales Durantez eloquently described yesterday how certain factions of the UK media have been “patronising, to put it diplomatically”. Durantez, who admirably manages to strike a difficult balance between the busy, jet-setting lifestyle of an international lawyer and the demands of being both a wife and mother, insisted that voters deserved better – and who could possibly argue with someone as shrewd and savvy as THIS politician’s wife?

Certainly not her proud husband, whose countrywide electioneering she incredibly manages to find the time to assist each weekend, despite her already hectic schedule. And certainly not the hundreds of loyal Liberal Democrat followers up and down the country, who have taken to her feisty, outspoken character, which she combines so effortlessly with her supportive and loyal nature, as she tirelessly combines her demanding legal career with her husband’s strenuous election campaign up and down the country.

One party follower, Peter Ian, said yesterday: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Liberal Democrats, but I think they’ve lacked that killer punch over the years. However, with Mrs. Clegg at the helm, the future is definitely looking a lot brighter. She’s been a breath of fresh air for the party and her presence has certainly raised our profile, if not a few temperatures! It’s obvious Nick thinks the world of her – and who can blame him, eh? She’s an absolute peach! And you can tell how devoted she is to him – you can see it in her eyes how much she adores her husband. Mind you, if she ever changes her mind, there’ll be a fair few of us to choose from, you mark my words. What a beauty! Anyway, I hope you quote what I say verbatim and refrain from filling it with cheap, tabloid lingo designed to push your own agenda. My mum could be reading this, you know…”

Whether the Liberal Democrats can make any major political inroads remains to be seen, although one thing’s for certain – with her natural good looks and fragrant personality, this is one political vixen set to capture the hearts of millions of prospective voters over the upcoming weeks. And don’t be fooled by the good looks, either – underneath lurks an intelligent, fiercely determined and highly capable woman who definitely means business…


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