Snooker players aroused suspicion over ‘broken match’

Snooker players Stephen Maguire and Jamie Burnett have been referred to prosecutors after a series of unusual occurrences in a game between the two 17 months ago aroused suspicion among bookmakers,

Cautious scot Maguire, 29, and wily journeyman Burnett, 34, were locked at 2-2 in the UK Championship first round at Telford in December 2008 after two-and-a-half hours of nondescript matchplay, whereupon it is understood that the two players met up in Maguire’s dressing room for a brief chat during the mid-session interval.

Burnett, still 34, was then said to have expressed concern over being able to light a cigarette, as his last match had broken in half. Understandably, the player was reluctant to attempt to light the match, since there was a good chance it would burn his finger as it burst into flame. Maguire was understood to have offered to fix the match in order to avoid this happening. Both players then agreed that fixing the broken match would be the best course of action, and formed a bond in order to achieve this.

The players then returned to the arena, where they were later overheard chatting by an audience member sat behind them. Peter Ian, 41, who was in the Telford crowd, revealed yesterday: “Stephen was telling Jamie about his new yacht, called ‘The Score’ and how he was experiencing trouble fastening the mast. Jamie replied that he would be more than happy to help rig ‘The Score’, telling Stephen not to worry, and that he would do ‘whatever it takes to fix things up good and proper’.

“Later on, Jamie remarked to Stephen about how he had been re-decorating his house over the last few weeks and that, during the clearout, he came across an antique picture frame, which had previously belonged to his great aunt. Unfortunately, due to it having become mouldy, he regrettably had to chuck the frame, and, although he initially felt a degree of guilt over doing this, ultimately realised that chucking the frame was the best thing to do. Stephen replied that he chucked several frames himself the year before due to woodworm, although he reckoned that no-one would have lost out, as there wasn’t much money in them anyway. It was all perfectly innocuous stuff, really, and actually fairly boring, if truth be told. In fact, the only interesting thing to happen in the entire match was when Burnett missed that really easy shot on the black…”


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    That was brilliant

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