Laurence finally Bowen home after holiday runs Llewelyn to its second week

Flamboyant TV interior designer Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has finally managed to arrive home after the recent bout of volcanic ash held up his family’s flight from Mauritius, which was due to land last Thursday.

Bowen, 45ish, revealed how medium-density-fibre boredom had begun to set in, as his family became increasingly restless over the last five or so days as they waited anxiously for news of their departure. In fact, at one point, they were said to be “climbing the partition walls in frustration”.

Although stencilled in for a flight back on Sunday evening, the Bowen family were left bordering on frustration as they were forced to spend the night in a humid airport terminal draped over their luggage like a bright orange chiffon throw across the back of a £199 DFS sofa. They were, however, offered contemporary accommodation until the next flight to Heathrow became available.

Unfortunately, further disaster struck the stricken family as the accommodation was found to have more of a retro-kind-of-vibe going on than expected. The lack of any pastel shades, combined with the abundance of floral wallpaper eventually forced the Llewelyn Bowens to seek refuge on a nearby beach. Although open to the elements, Mr. Llewelyn Bowen said he much preferred the “beachy feel” of the new location, and that it definitely “had the sea thing going on”.

Luckily, after just two further nights, the family were finally PVA-ble to return home once more, much to the relief of no-one whatsoever.


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